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Name:Insulated glass
Thickness:4+9A+4, 5+12A+5, 6+12A+6, 10+12A+10, etc
material:sheet glass,tempered glass,laminated glass, Aluminum, gas
Package:wood crate
Cerification:3C,CE ,ANSI
Interval aluminum frame width:6mm, 9mm, 12mm,15mm

Product Description

In near years, more and more buildings use the insulated glass to build the curtain wall, because it allows the designer to control every aspect of the performance from thermal to solar considerations. Our glass range combines in one coating efficient thermal properties, with some of the lowest U values achievable in insulating glass units, so it offers high light transmission with solar control and retains the natural look with neutral appearance glass products.
HEXIN most popular insulated glass units for curtain wall is color reflective insulated glass and low-e double glazing glass, they can be tempered insulated glass, laminated insulated glass, flat insulated glass, curved insulated glass, etc., the size could reach to 2500*4000mm, and the thickness can be 4+9a+4, 5+12a+5, 6+12a+6, 13.52+12a+10, etc., all produced as per project parameter requirement.

Features: Good insulation, sound insulation and reduced building self-weight characteristics.


Maximum size: 3660mmx2440mm

Minimum size: 300mmx300mm

Interval aluminum frame width: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm,

Glass unit thickness: 3mm-19mm various combinations

Standard: in line with GB / T11944-2002 "insulating glass" Chinese national standards

Application: With the development of modern buildings and curtain walls, especially for energy-saving requirements, insulating glass has been widely used in construction, vehicles, refrigerators and indoor space to create constant temperature, humidity and quiet comfort conditions.

HEXIN's insulated glass sample:

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