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Current situation of glass market in China

According to the Chinese architectural glass and industrial glass Association statistics, until the middle of October, Chinese float glass production line total are 353 line, the production capacity is 12.61 billion Container; the production line had 235 line is working, 13 line been moved, 13 lines been cold repaired, and 77 lines been stop. Judging by appearance, the start working rate is 66.57%, on very low level, but due to the existence of the shutdown state zombie production line 77, the actually working rate is 84.14%, its maintained  high level. 

After the Chinese National Day, the the road transport cost risen been slowly to accept by the people, deal is levelling off, the glass factory is sell more better, the sales-output ratio increase. In a word, the government update to control policies to real estate market, give rise to the trading volume been descend. However, due to glass demand lags behind a certain period of housing construction, housing decline in housing turnover will not necessarily lead to the decline in demand for glass on the spot. The same time, as the winter approaching, on the later period to shutdown or the production line restoring.

production is very small, and the inventory is low, the spot market is good before the holidays, to make a certain support on the glass prices. 

Now, the float glass market prices of float glass, tinted float glass, reflective glass, mirror,etc. All are steady on recently, not much change on short time. 

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