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the advantage of Acid Etched Glass

Frost Glass,  there are two types, Acid Etched glass or sandblast glass.

we can find it in office, shower room, decoration material,  background wall, ceiling,dining table,screen,partition wall,floors,stairs,doors,windows

 and coffee table and so on.

It is one of best decoration material, and is widely used in:

1  Interior partitions and office enclosures 

2  Shower doors and bath enclosures 

3  Balustrades and railings 

4  Flooring and staircases 

5  Furniture and kitchen components 

6  cabinet door,silding door and so on. 

Advantage of the Acid Etched Glass

1.Consistent finish and appearance, permanent effect that will never degrade or fade over time. 

2.The matte finish reduces glare, strengthen the practicality of glass, even in high-glare interiors. 

3.Non fingerprint glass, finger prints won’t show like on other glossy materials. 

4.Moisture or natural oils won’t remove the effect. 

5.Extremely durable, the dirty things very easily to be cleaned off by a magic eraser. 

6.High light transmittance ensures maximum light, still maintaining privacy. 

7.Can be tempered, allowing for use in shower enclosures, railings, and glass furniture and so on. 

8.Color available: clear, ultra clear, grey, green, blue, bronze etc.

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