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Which kinds of glass used for the closed balcony ?

The closed balcony can be dust-proof, rain-proof, sand prevention, to keep the balcony cleaning, so there are many families like this balcony design, then closed balcony used what kind glass? Which is better? Let us tell you as follow:

First, the ordinary glass.Ordinary glass is the most common glass on the market, the glass price is lower, but the thermal stability is relatively poor, impact resistance is not enough, if acted upon by a force is easy to break, not only that, in damp places, the transparency Will be reduced, so we are do not recommend to choose such type glass.

Second, the vacuum glass. Vacuum glass, also named sandwich glass or laminated glass, its composed of two or more pieces of glass, and between the multi-layer glass with one or more layers of PVB/EVA interlayer, after a special high-temperature or Vacuum processed, so that the glass and interlayer are permanently bonded together.

After such treatment, even if the glass fragments, glass fragment will be stuck on the film, the broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. This design, effectively prevent the fragment injured people and piercing- falling events to occurrence , to ensure personal safety.

Third, the insulating glass.Hollow glass is two or three pieces of glass in the middle of the spacer bar, surrounded used the high-strength high-air-tight composite adhesive to sealing, this design can make the insulating layer between the glass, to prevent heat transfer and noise transmission, can reach the effect of sound insulation and thermal insulation. This glass is also named double glazing. If you have demand for sound insulation can choose insulating glass.  

Four,Tempered glassis ordinary flat glass after high temperature processing and cooling to made, twice or three hardness for ordinary glass, so the tempered glass also called safety glass. First, because the tempered glass been break to become granular does not hurt people, and second, because the tempered glass with highly hardness is not easy to be broken. So the tempered glass by our national mandatory implement the safety signs, each tempered glass must have national security "3C" sign. Tempered glass can be processed into single-layer glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, etc, Its strength, impact resistance, thermal insulation and heat preservation performance are excellent, is the better choice for balcony window. But the tempered glass after made is couldn't been cut, drilling holes, and basically no re-use value. 

From above, there are variety of different glass used for closed balcony, different glass because of the different materials, the functionality is different. Its main depend on what’s your requirement, if you need sound insulation, you can choose insulating glass; or if you need high security point, you can choose toughened glass. 

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