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HEXIN GLASS factory is one of the most significant glass and mirror solution suppliers in China. We are IKEA's OEM since 2003, our quality glass and mirror with ISO9001, CE SGCC,CSI, TUV, SGS.SPF certification.we do the best professional service for supplying silver mirror, tempered glass, glass door ,glass table top,shower glass ,building glass with different shapes & designs. Also we do tempered glass, bent tempered glass, laminated glass, painted glass, pattern glass, silkscreen glass, frosted glass and many other types of fabricated ones.We own the most advanced silver mirror production lines, TAMGLASS tempered machines, bent tempered machines, LISEC insulated glass,CNC cutting machines,Water cut machine,CNC grinding,BETTRO double grinding machine,Roller printed machine and some different types of edge processing machines,printed machine etc.

          We Provide:
1)Quick Quote, reply your enquiry within 12hours
2)Techinical support, design and installation suggestions
3)Review your order details, double check and confirm your order without problems
4)Entire process follow your order and update you in time
5)Quality inspection standard and QC report according to your order
6)Production pictures,packing pictures,loading pictures sent you on time
7)Assist or arrange the transportaion and sent you all the documents on time
8) We certified: ISO9001,BS,CE,ASTM,SGS,SGCC,CSI,CE,SGS,TUV.
9) We Quote: We do not aim to be the "cheapest" simply, but "THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY

New Products

  • 1.

    HEXIN Tempered Glass Display Showcase

    HEXIN frameless glass display cases are designed for the combining with other modules within the range to createvariety of practical configurations to suite the specifics of the retail space and merchandising requirements. 

    1 Lockable door
    2 4 mm tempered glass shelves 5-6mm tempered glass door 90mm MDF base and top
    3 LED lights Available in light grey or cherry, white, black
    4 MDF with white, black, beench
    5 Supplied flat pack in wooden crate for self assembly
    6 Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 400 * 800*1900mm   800*800*1900mm    400*400 *1800mm    400*400*800mm

  • 2.

    Different Types Of The Shower Door Glass

    Shower door glass,did you notice it in your daily life?We always need to face it since we need to take a bath everyday.what's the design of shower door glass at your home? 
    Different places different people like different styles of bathroom design.We can find oval shape,rectangle shape,square shape and so on.and surely that different glass types will shows the different visual effects and functions. 
    Clear toughened glass is the most popular and often used in traditional showers.It let light pass through and more another way,it can make the small space of the bathroom feel larger.

    Frosted or Acid Etched or Opaque glass are keeping the most privacy.Textured and patterned glass provides privacy as well as a stylish elements. 

    No matter in hotal or public bathroom or at your home,convenient and safety shower door glass will be the most important for us,how do you think?After all,we spend some times stay here everyday.The general thickness of safety tempered glass is 8mm 10mm and 12mm.for more safety, most of customer choice the laimnated glass for shower, 4+0.76PVB+4, 5+0.76+5 and so on.

    Any comments by return will be much appreciated!

  • 3.

    white printed toughened glass board for office

    Tempering glass board white board for office

    Brand Name: Hexin

    Surface: printed toughened glass

    Glass thickness:3-12mm

    Size: 350*350mm,450*450mm, 600*400mm or Customized

    Accessouries:4pcs of screw and 3 pcs strong ABS fitting

    Marker: water white board market

    Color:white,black,blue,green,red,sliver .Ect.

    Function: writing,reading


    For domestic and commercial decoration

    1.decorative door

    2.Window glass

    3.Partition glass

    4.Furniture glass

    5.Shower room glass



    8.Hanging on the wall

  • 4.

    the new products with glass railing

    Our customer homedepot buy the 5mm toughened glass for glass rail, the dimensio about 902*914 ,902*1219 ,902*1067mm.

                         some photo and package detail info as below:






  • 5.

    the new products with glass show board

    it is the new products with printed glass show board, the thickness is 4mm, and 600*800mm, ABS plastic fitting ,forst printed color, toughened glass with individual carton box package, 50pcs per wood crate.


  • 6.

    the toughened glass table feet

       8mm  toughened glass,dimension 500*600mm, two 15mm holes for table feet.

  • 7.

    kitchen glass worktop or glass Splashbacks

    kitchen glass worktop or glass Splashbacks

  • 8.

    20mm bevel mirror individual carton box

    20mm bevel mirror individual carton box

Our plant and production line

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Our work team

Rose xu

Rose xu

Rose : sales manager,she working in glass business more than 15 years,special in mirror

james zhao

james zhao

James: working in the glass more than 5 years, special in toughened glass

judy gao

judy gao

Judy: nice girl, and speical good in printed glass

lily yuan

lily yuan

Lily: special in the glass furniture