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Name:Laminated glass
Thickness:6.38,8.38--50mm to more Choice
Max Dimension:2440X3660mm
Package:Wood crate
Material:sheet glass or tempered
PVB:Dupont ,SGP, DECENT or other choice
Mini size:300X300
Color:clear, grey, milkly,blue and so on
Certification:CE TUV SGCC CSI

Product Description

HEXIN Laminated glass is a film in the two or more pieces of glass between the adhesive material PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or EVA (vinyl acetate polymer) interlayer, SGP film bonded together by high temperature and pressure Made of advanced safety glass.


Safety: The laminated glass installed on the building is subjected to any external shock, even if the glass is broken, remains intact on the original frame, and the inside and outside of the building will not be damaged by splashing glass fragments;

Anti-hurricane and earthquake: even if the glass is broken, it will not fall to the whole floor remains in place;

Anti-ultraviolet: the sun in the ultraviolet light has a great barrier effect, the UV rate of up to 99% or more, to avoid ultraviolet radiation;

Noise reduction: PVB film has a barrier absorption of sound waves, thereby reducing noise.


Production thickness: 5mm-60mm

Maximum size: 2440mm * 3660mm

Minimum size: 300mm * 300mm

Standard: In line with: GB15763.3-2009 national standards; in line with GB9962 "laminated glass" national standards through the CE EN 12150 SGCC safety glass certification.

Laminated production line:

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