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Name:Glass door
Product type:flot glass, tempered glass, printed glass,laminated glass,insulated glass
Dimension:1800X850,2000X850 and more choice according customers inquire
Printed:any design any color
Cerification:CE SGCC,CSI ISO9002
Package:Carton box and wood crate
Edge work:Polish T or C edge
Processed:tempering, painting, laminating, silks-creening, polishing, drilling

Product Description

HEXIN Glass as a professional glass factory in China, main producing Grade A high quality glass for door as per clients requirements. You can choose various raw glass to make up your glass door, such as clear float glass, low iron float glass, tinted float glass, pattern glass, frost glass, acid etched glass etc. For the full glass door, always used tempered glass more safety than non tempered glass, if door with small part used of small glass, can choose non tempered glass is more economy, we also customize small pieces glass as per your required to used on glass.For the glass door, the thickness is from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm,19mm, and 8mm, 10mm,12mm is most popular by the market.

Tempered Glass Characteristic

High Strength

The tempered glass performs well in resisting bending and hitting owing to its high strength which is 3-5times that of normal annealed glass. It is able to withstand a surface pressure of 95Mpa.

High Safety

When the tempered glass is broken, it turns into alveolate granules with obtuse angles,which guarantee safety to make sure human harmless, and the toughening process greatly reduces the risk of thermal breakage to ensure less loss.

Heat Stability

The tempered glass is capable of withstanding a temperature change of 250 to 320℃ while normal annealed glass can only bear 20 to 100℃.

Performance Comparison


Tempered Glass

Semi-tempered Glass

Normal annealed glass









Thermal Stability




Surface Stress




Broken State

Obtuse-angle grain




Various choose for the 10mm Tempered glass door

1. 10mm clear tempered glass door,also calls 10mm transparent toughened glass door

2. 10mm ultra clear tempered glass door,or name 10mm low iron toughened glass door,10mm super white tempered glass door,10m extra clear tempered glass door

3. 10mm Colored tempered glass door,such as 10mm Gray tempered glass door,10 mm green tempered glass door, 10mm bronze tempered glass door, 10mm blue tempered glass door

4. 10mm Frosted tempered glass door

5. 10mm Acid etched tempered glass door

6. 10mm Sandblasting tempered glass door

7. 10mm Painted tempered glass door

8. 10mm Lacquered tempered Glass door

9. 10mm Silk-screen printed tempered glass door

10.10mm Textures tempered glass door

11. 10mm Decorative tempered glass door

12. Others

The Process for Tempered glass door

drilling holes,cutouts and edge polished and other processed as per clients requirements,according to your design drawings.


1.Shopping mall front door, super market sliding door door, living door,Cabinet door

3.shower door,bath door

4.Conference room door,office door,etc

5.Automatic door,horizontal sliding door, revolution door

6. Elevator door, hotel entrance door

7. Modern Wooden Doors With Glass

8. Others


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