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  • Glass table top

Name:Glass table top
Dimension:According customers order
Color:clear or printed according RAL no
Package:Carton box and wood crate
Edge work:Polish, matt C or T edge
Printed:silk scree printed or roller printed,painted
Certification:CE SGS CSI SGCC

Product Description

HEXIN  glass table top is  one of the top manufacturers of Custom Glass Table tops and Glass Counters in Industry. any custom size and design Glass Tops, any shape,size,color,etching,frosting,glue chip,high polishing,beveling and laminating with PVB technology,pouring and show many possible designs between two or more layers of glass. We can  Cracked Glass Design between two Glass Laminated together, which brings exclusive and eye catching design which cannot be replicated.  Glass Table Tops from any type of Glass and Thickness by cutting,polishing,tempering and laminating the glass.Our Glass Tables or Glass Counters can be combined with any custom back painted color glass and laminated glass...Our glass experts look forward to provide you with better ideas and advice for your project and Service based on high quality, on time services and customer satisfactions.many different types glass for table tops, like:

• Clear tempered glass table tops

• Color tempered glass table tops

• Color painted glass table tops

• Screen printing glass table tops

• Decorative pattern glass table tops

• Acid etched tempered glass countertops

• Ice cracked decorative glass countertops

• Other customized table top glass


On the table top glass, any special processing could be done perfectly, such as:

• Edge: Flat polished edges, round polished edges, beveled edges, OG edges, etc.

• Corner: Clip corner, radius corner, eased corner, etc.

•  Shape: Round, rectangle, square, ellipse, race track oval, irregular shape.

In accordance with CE EN12150 standard.
In accordance with BS6206 British Standard
In accordance with AS/NZS 2208:1996 safety glazing standard
In accordance with ANSI Z97.1 CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Standard

In accordance with GB 9963-1998 Clear tempered glass Standard.




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