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  • Lead free mirror

Name:Lead free mirror
Application ::High-grade bathroom mirror, furniture mirror, interior mirror
Product type:customers size
Dimension::609X914mm, 914X914mm, 914X1220mm,1220X1830mm, 1830X2440mm,15242134mm,2140X3300mm, etc.
Package:caton box and wood crate
Safety film:Viny
Quality standard:CE EN12150,ISO9227-2006
Max size:2440 x 3660mm
Lead content:less than 1ppm
Back paint:FENZI

Product Description

HEXIN  high-quality float glass surface is plated with a layer of silver film (be treated with special processing) via chemistry deposition 

method, and then the silver layer is plated with a layer of other special metal film (used to instead of the traditional silver mirror copper 

film) as the adhesive layer, and finally spray two layers of protective paint (have different properties) on the surface of the metal film 

s the protection treatment of the non-bronze mirror.The back paint (lead-free) is used in non-bronze mirror and can produce high-grade

 copper and lead-free mirror.


• Copper free and lead free, environmental friendly

• High reflection and imaging perfect

• Double paints for chemical and physical protection

• Perfect resistance of corrosion, longer using-time

• Easy to cut to any shape, and polished edges


1 advanced copper free mirror production line

2 Coated on high quality selected mirror grade float glass

3 Actual and accurate reflection,reflective rate>91% long service life

4 more resistant to natural atmospheric corrosion in accordance with standards

5 the mirror surface is much more clear and bright than alu and sliver.

6 Easy to be cut, polish, beveled safety back, acid etched and installation

7 it last at least three times longer in tests simulation then natural aging of  mirrors


• Communal areas like elevator mirror, dancing room mirror, gymnasium mirror

• Shopping centers and retail stores like clothes stores fitting room mirror

• Home decoration like bathroom mirror, bedroom wall mirror, living room mirror

• Service stores like hair salon mirror, Beauty shop mirror, hotel mirror

• Furniture like dressing table mirror and cabinet door mirror, wardrobe door mirror

• Many others

Mirror sample and hanger:

Test Report: (ITCC is IKEA's test office)

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